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10 Things You Must Know About Installing a Fence

Are you thinking of adding a fence onto your property?

Fences, especially glass fences are beautiful and functional additions to your property. However, there are things you need to know before you go ahead and install your fence. Glass Fencing Sydney brings you the top 10 list of must-know things.

1. What is your budget?

Knowing your budget is the very first thing you need to sit down and workout before you go about looking at the types of fences you’d like to install or the different contractors you can work with. Establishing a budget will help guide you in making decisions linked to the installation of this fence.

2. Know your intended fence height

The minimum height for a pool fence in Australia is 1.2 meters. This is the regulation put in place by the Building Code of Australia. If you have toddlers and infants, you might want to consider increasing the height.

3. Know the council requirements

Before you go ahead and build your fence, it is imperative that you visit your local council offices or their website to establish the fence safety requirements. These may differ from council-to-council and city-to-city.

4. Figure out what style of fence you want

Glass fences come in a myriad of styles with the most common being semi-frameless glass fencing, stainless steel glass fencing, and frameless glass fencing.

5. Which fencing suppliers will you buy from?

You shouldn’t purchase your fencing from any random fencing suppliers. Purchase from reputable suppliers like Glass Fencing Sydney, whose products meet and exceed the Australian Safety Standards.  

6. How long is the product guarantee?

Before buying the fencing, be sure to ask about the product guarantee. This includes all the elements that will be used in the fence installation. If you’re buying from Glass Fencing Sydney you never have to worry because all our products come with warranties you can trust.

7. Will you hire contractors or do a DIY project?

Fence installation is not difficult to do, but it’s not a project an amateur should undertake either. If you’re not sure that you can pull off a successful DIY with your fence installation, opt to hire contractors to get the job done right.

8. How to choose a contractor

Look for a contractor who is experienced, has a good industry reputation, uses quality products and can give you traceable references so that you can see samples of their previous work. They should also be able to show you their building practitioner qualifications that allow them to work as contractors as regulated by the 1993 Building Act.

9. Are your contractors insured?

Many people assume that their contractors are insured, and while they may have some form of insurance, it’s worth going over what type of insurance they have exactly. This should be written out in the contract you’ll sign with them and cover points such as if the contractor gets hurt while working on your property who is responsible for paying the medical expenses?

10. Will you receive supporting help post installation?

Glass Fencing Sydney has a team on hand to help you post fence installation if you have any concerns, worries, or need help to replace cracked glass. Choose a team that will be there for you when you need them.

Where to buy fencing & hire a contractor

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