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4 Custom Pool Fencing Ideas for Your Backyard

Do you want to install custom pool fencing but not quite sure which one to opt for?

If you have a pool on your property, you are required by law to have a fence around it. This is done for safety purposes. However, this doesn’t mean the fence has to obstruct the lovely view of your backyard. Glass Fencing Sydney are leading suppliers of glass pool fencing solutions that don’t take away but enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Here are our top 4 custom pool fencing ideas.

1. Frameless glass pool fencing

For a totally un-obscured view of your pool area, frameless glass pool fencing is the way to go. Not only does this type of glass pool fencing provide an unobstructed view of the pool, but it also allows you to monitor children in the pool area. It also adds a touch of class, sophistication, and chic to your outdoor entertainment area.

That’s not all but when installed by reputable contractors using quality products, this fencing becomes an investment that will last for many years. What’s also neat about frameless glass is that you can get bespoke designs made to suit your outdoor backyard taste and style.

2. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing

The difference between semi-frameless glass and frameless glass is in the structural support that holds the glass in place. Frameless glass is held up by spigots while the semi-frameless glass is held together by slotted posts. There are multiple post options for semi-frameless pool fencing from round, square, to colored so you can customize the design to get exactly what you want.

Furthermore, semi-frameless glass pool fencing is low-maintenance; easy-to-install fencing that doesn’t suffer color peeling or rust damage like other pool fencing options.

3. Aluminium pool fencing

Aluminium is another favorite material for fencing pools. Traditionally, pools were fenced using wrought iron which was fabricated in specialist shops using expensive metals. Today, aluminium pool fences can be manufactured at a fraction of the original cost of wrought iron fabrication.

Apart from its affordability, aluminium is also preferred for its rust resistance properties. Unlike iron which will rust with time, aluminum is not ferric and therefore doesn’t rust. Add to that the fact that aluminium fences don’t need to be re-painted to protect them. All this makes aluminuim pool fences worth considering.

4. Steel pool fencing

Steel is one of the most durable materials on the fencing market. Gone are the days when pools were fenced with timber fences. Today, many homeowners are taking advantage of steel’s structural integrity, low-maintenance feature, and eco-friendly nature to use it as a pool fencing solution.
Steel pool fences are also among the most affordable lasting for many years. Furthermore, they provide the needed security around your pool.

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