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How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost in Sydney?

Are you looking for a pool fencing solution and thinking of installing glass?

By law, you are compelled to fence your pool in Australia. Glass pool fencing is among the leading fencing options on the market. It’s not only beautiful, but it is functional acting as a safety feature that keeps children and pets safe from the pool area. It also provides great value for money and is an investment that increases your home’s value. In this article, we’re going to discuss the costs of installing glass pool fencing.

How much does the glass pool fencing cost in Sydney?

Before you head on to a glass pool fence supplier to place your order, you need to know the following first. Glass pool fencing exists in three types:

  1.  Pin fixed frameless
  2.  Semi-frameless
  3.  Frameless

The cost of each type of pool fence is different. For example, you can expect to pay on average:

  • $1,790 per 10 metres for pin fixed frameless glass pool fence
  • $875 per 10 metres for semi frameless glass pool fence
  • $1135 per 10 metres for frameless glass pool fence

Additional material costs to factor in include :

  • The price per metre for glass panels is $66.
  • Spigots cost on average about $50.
  • Fixing semi-frameless posts $60.
  • Fixing pins for pin fixed frameless glass $14.
  • Installation cost per metre $50.
  • Professional installation fees $245 to $300 per metre.

Now that you know the prices, you can go ahead and buy the material, but you’ll need a professional pool fence installer to set up the fencing. Here’s how to find and choose the right installer.

How to hire a pool fence installer

The importance of choosing the right pool fence installer cannot be underestimated. You’re spending a lot of money on this project, so you want it done right the first time around.

Ask around from friends and family if they know of any reliable and competent pool fence installers. Word-of-mouth recommendations will give you good leads to pursue.

When you approach your leads, ask to see their portfolio, their qualifications, ask about their experience, and anything else you feel is important to the project. Choose the team that understands your vision and whom you can communicate with clearly.

Things to consider before installing glass pool fencing

Undertaking a glass pool fencing project can be expensive. Therefore, you need to sit down and first work out a budget of how much you can afford to spend on the project, materials, and hiring professional installers.

Secondly, it’s your responsibility to understand the country’s pool fencing regulations which include the minimum and maximum heights for pool fencing, requirements for mesh and perforated pool fencing, as well as the recommended gap sizes between fencing posts. Here is the complete Australian Standards Pool Fencing Guide.

Where to buy glass pool fencing

Glass Fencing Sydney is a leading supplier and installer of glass pool fencing solutions. To view our products, don’t hesitate to visit us at 30 Bentley St, Wetherill Park NSW, or give our friendly staff a call on 0411 847 772. You can also reach us by email at info@glassfencingsydney.com.au

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