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How to Install Frameless and Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Are you thinking of installing frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing all by yourself?

Good on you! However, this isn’t a project that you can dive in without proper preparation and understanding of what’s required of your fence by the state and law. Make sure you’ve read through the Australian Standards Pool Fencing Guide, as well as this blog thoroughly. If you have any questions, you can contact Glass Fencing Sydney’s installation experts for help.

The 9-step guide to installing a frameless glass pool fence

Thanks to our 9-step handy guide, now you never have to wonder how to install a frameless glass pool fence.

Step 1: Find out your local building regulations.

Step 2: Earmark fence post positions on your deck using nails and a string line.

Step 3: Line your mini posts along the string line.

Step 4: Drill holes and install the mini-posts and screw them into place.

Step 5: Insert the metal plates in the mini posts where the glass panels will sit.

Step 6: Insert the rubber grips inside the mini-posts, and you’re ready to start inserting glass panels.

Step 7: Keep adding your glass panels and checking them with a spirit level to make sure that they are level. Secure each panel using the Allen key and the packers that came in the installation kit as you go.

Step 8: Install the gate hinges and the gate panel with the help of a colleague. Place wooden blocks underneath the door as you secure it to the hinges.

Step 9: Insert the door latch and fix it. Once that’s done, cover the hinges with the respective caps.

The 3-step guide to installing semi-frameless glass pool fencing

If you’ve been wondering how to install semi frameless glass pool fencing, here’s our trusty guide.

Step 1: Prepare the holes

Mark out where you intend to drill any and all holes for the project.

Proceed with core-drilling, carefully making sure that you don’t drill too much.

Next, dig all holes where you plan to install your poles for the fencing.

Step 2: Install fencing poles

Prepare all your fencing poles and get them ready for installation

Position the posts and fix them firmly into the ground.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Fixing poles with grout: Grout hardens quickly, therefore make sure you’re happy with what you’ve done up until this point. This step here, is the point of Rubicon – the point of no return.

Place the glass panels: Take out the stops where your glass panels will rest, and place them securely on the ground before you take out the glass panels. Lower the glass and lock it in place.

Install the gate: The gate that gives access to the pool, needs to also be carefully installed. Mount it on the hinges; ensure it’s in position before drilling the screws in position.

Where to buy glass pool fencing

Glass Fencing Sydney is a leading supplier and installer of glass pool fencing solutions. To view our products, don’t hesitate to visit us at 30 Bentley St, Wetherill Park NSW, or give our friendly staff a call on 0411 847 772. You can also reach us by email at info@glassfencingsydney.com.au.

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