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The Safest Poolside Fencing Option is Frameless Glass

Are you thinking of fencing your pool and wondering which type of fencing to go with?

One of the most essential parts associated with safety around the pool area is the fencing itself. Glass fencing is a modern and stylish option that stands out from the rest when it comes to pool fencing. It is the perfect balance of pool safety, security, and aesthetics. Here is why the safest poolside fencing option is frameless glass.

1. Pool safety

Frameless glass fencing protects young children from getting into the pool by themselves, without supervision, thereby preventing injuries or the potential for drowning. It lacks gaps and edges which reduce the risk of children getting hurt directly by the fence itself, or getting stuck in gaps in the fence. Pool fencing made of glass is also far easier and safe to maintain compared to wood, iron, metal or chain links.

2. Strong and durable

When properly installed with the right equipment and fixings, frameless glass fencing is the most durable fencing option among the alternatives. It is resilient around all types of pool water be it salty or chlorinated water. Frameless glass fencing, when properly maintained and cared for, can last for decades. It is made from custom manufactured glass that is approximately 10-12mm thick, which is extremely durable and strong while maintaining its visual excellence.

3. No rusting or rotting

The safest poolside fencing option is frameless glass because, unlike frameless glass fencing, other non-glass types of fencing often end up rusting or rotting, promoting the breeding of bacteria and pests. This can, in turn, lead to diseases or the risk of pest infestation spreading. Rusted fences are also dangerous because they can cause infected wounds if a person is cut. With frameless glass pool fences, there is no need to worry about this danger as they are very easy to clean and maintain. There is also no need to spend time painting or applying rust and water repellent to the fence.

4. Transparent

Due to their transparent nature, frameless glass fence offers an unobstructed view, a feature which ensures that concerned parents can supervise their children in the pool from anywhere nearby. This means that anyone using the pool that gets into difficulty or trouble can easily be spotted and assisted by a person nearby. Glass fencing also takes away the misconceptions that, pool fencing can look overbearing or unattractive. Not only does it secure your pool but frameless glass unlocks your outdoor landscape design by merging your garden and pool as one.

Where to go for your frameless glass fencing installation and more

Contact Glass Fencing Sydney today. We are the experts in the supply and installation of frameless glass pool fencing that is engineered and designed to meet all Australian Standards. We have unlimited access to a wide range of 12mm toughened glass and premium grade stainless steel hardware to cater to all your frameless glass needs with excellent designs that can be suited to your style and décor. Visit our website to book an appointment with one of our expert team members.

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